Sunday, July 21

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The Serpent Queen

s2e2, 2160hd

Solenn Mara-Lewis

New Pics

Daily Lea

Miley Cyrus

Rebecca Bagnol


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Masters of the Air

s1e4, 1920x800

Joanna Kulig


2002, 1920x1080

Josie Davis, Janet Shea and Brenda Vaccaro

Josie Davis

Janet Shea

Brenda Vaccaro

See Vaccaro's previous nudity below, in Catch 'o the Day

The Boys

s4e7, s4e8 / 1080hd

Erin Moriarty film clips (see below)



Rae Kidd, Lucille Shearer, Emily Todd and others in Unashamed (1938, 1920x1080)

Lucille Shearer

Emily Todd

Rae Kidd

Brenda Vaccaro's nudity (before Sonny)

1969 - Midnight Cowboy

1971 - Summertree

1976 - The House by the Lake

Tuna Retrospective

Many of you remember Tuna, who was the most prolific contributor of images, and the second-most prolific wordsmith during the first 15 years of the Fun House. For those who are not acquainted with him, it's high time you met. Although he passed away before the Blu-Ray age, his DVD captures and collages still hold up as some of the best work that has ever appeared on the internet. Enjoy!

The Ninth Gate

Lena Olin

Emmanuelle Seigner